ABSORBS™ BioDrain Trenching System

An innovative method that amalgamates a number of recognised ‘best practice’ design, distribution and dispersal techniques.

For difficult water treatment challenges

The aim of the ABSORBS™ BioDrain trenching system is to maximise the oxygen level in the water and the soil in the trench. The increased oxygen is highly beneficial for plants grown over the top of the trench.

ABSORBS™ BD uses the alternating pressurised distribution method in combination with venturi valve and tunnel splash-back aeration. Venturi valves place micro-bubbles of air into the water. The micro-bubbles have a very large surface area which enable the water and soil to stay in an aerobic condition.


ABSORBS™ BD uses a unique pressurised ‘tunnel splashback’ style distribution technique successfully developed under local conditions in South Australia. Pressurised treated water is forced through a series of measured apertures against the underside of the tunnel. This in turn creates an aerosolising/vaporising effect that not only provides for further passive aeration but also results in a very uniform wetted distribution over the distribution media for the entire footprint of the tunnel.

The system is energy efficient as the pressure from the pump provides the aeration through the venturi valve. The aeration provides additional treatment, reduces odours, has plant health benefits (particularly roots) and helps increase soil sustainability.

ABSORBS™ BD system is an innovation based on the on-site wastewater standard AS/NZS 1547:2012, the relevant South Australian Department of Health Codes, as well as components of a number of international standards and published peer reviewed scientific reports.

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