Hydroscape Natural Wastewater Management

Hydroscape Pty Ltd provides independent on-site wastewater services designed against nature-based, recognized ‘best practice’ management techniques and the AS/NZS1547:2012 On-site Wastewater Standard.

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Independent on-site wastewater services

We believe our approach delivers the best long term sustainable outcome with the lowest lifecycle (and carbon) costs and the highest potential for future or current site developments.

Planning Advice

Talk to us in the earliest stages of your build to ensure the best solutions are options for you.


We can assist you with the necessary regulatory approvals.


Our experience will ensure the most flexible solutions are considered. 

Best practice systems

Designing long term, environmentally and socially responsible solutions underpins the Hydroscape approach to wastewater management

Fit for purpose design solutions

Hydroscape actively work with our clients to ensure they obtain the treatment system that suits their needs for treated water quality, capital budget, installation footprint, and operational requirements. Whatever the water treatment issue, we will work with you to find a workable and sustainable solution.

Our company has developed an enviable reputation for the formulation of well-engineered, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Our treatment solutions

The Hydroscape approach to wastewater management is to evaluate the most appropriate and responsible long term solution for your site. Among other criteria, we consider the overall capital, lifecycle and energy costs of every solution we recommend.



For difficult water treatment challenges. Utilises the alternating pressurised distribution method in combination with venturi valve and tunnel splash-back aeration. Compliant with AS15;2012 and Washington State DoH Pressure Distribution Systems Standard 2022. Read more >

Rhizopod® system

Rhizopod® system

For difficult sites where soil types, set-back distances, or a limited available footprint has meant that other systems are not practical. Read more >

ABSORBS™ filter

ABSORBS™ filter

Excellent choice for sites with variable flows. An advanced natural treatment and dispersal system designed specifically for difficult sites in Category 1-3 soils. The installation requires site-specific engineering and design. Read more >

A leader in the industry

Hydroscape solutions have been rigorously tested over many years and offer best practice wastewater management. Our systems have performed optimally for many decades, meeting and often exceeding regulatory standards.

We are leaders in research, development and improvement of recognised best practice.

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