Wisconsin Mounds

Wisconsin MoundsSand filled mounds or Wisconsin Mounds have proven to be a successful land application system in the US however little research or experience exists in Australia. Whitehead and Geary (2009) reported the results of monitoring 2 sites from a retrofit program around the Port Stephens area. From their shallow groundwater assessments they found the systems were performing effectively as treatment and dispersal systems and could be an effective management option.

The sand filled mound is essentially a secondary treatment aerobic sand filter system positioned above the dispersal site. Water is removed by evaporation from sun and wind, and transpiration from the grasses and ground covers planted over the mounds. Any effluent migrating to the base of the mound would be regarded as equivalent to secondary treated wastewater and is removed by natural soil absorption processes.

Mounds would normally only be considered on larger allotments in areas with high water tables or shallow rock and would not be suited to residential sized lots due to the size and shape of the mound.

Wisconsin Mounds Wisconsin Mounds