VAPARhizE® Trenching System

VAPARhizEThe Venturi Aerated Pressure Alternated Rhizozone Evapotranspiration (VAPARhizE®) trenching system is a recently developed method amalgamating a number of recognised 'best practice' design, distribution and dispersal techniques. The VAPARhizE® system is based largely on the on-site wastewater standard AS/NZS 1547:2000, the relevant South Australian Department of Health Codes, as well as components of a number of international standards and published peer reviewed scientific reports.

The system exploits excess pump pressure already provided by the VAPARhizEprimary delivery pumps to passively aerate the waste stream using micro-bubble oxygenating venturi valves in a process known as 'oxygation'. The Central Queensland University (2009) report that entrained air improves the aerobic nature of the soil profile, particularly within the rhizozone (root zone) to improve microbial activity and plant transpiration and growth rates.

Central to the system is the uniform delivery of the waste stream over the entire design network through a sequentially alternating multi trench configuration. Alternation of the waste stream over the large basal area is achieved using pressure actuated indexing valves VAPARhizEand a unique pressurized 'tunnel splashback' style distribution technique successfully developed under local conditions in South Australia. A narrower version of this form of distribution is also known as the 'half pipe' technique and is recognised as an effective distribution method . The general design of the 'tunnel' system incorporates laterals positioned underneath a low profile tunnel structure. Pressurised wastewater is forced through a series of measured apertures against the underside of the tunnel. This in turn creates an aerosolizing/vaporizing effect that not only provides for further passive aeration but also results in a very uniform wetted distribution over the distribution media for the entire footprint of the tunnel.